Sunny's Personal F-Droid Repo

QR: test This is a repository of apps to be used with F-Droid. Applications in this repository are closed-source, though official binaries originally distributed via the Google Play Store, APKMirror or similarly reputable sources, updated daily. As the name implies, I mostly run it for myself – to be able to get updates for apps that aren't FOSS – but since it's already out there, feel free to use it as well.

Currently it serves 1 apps. To add it to your F-Droid client, scan the QR code (click it to enlarge) or use this URL:

If you would like to manually verify the fingerprint (SHA-256) of the repository signing key, here it is:
61 65 2B 09 FA 63 0C FD 0F DC 69 B8 56 6E 60 8B 75 A3 BD 01 83 A3 0B 50 7B 16 E2 3A 0F FA 19 3F